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Feeling like an idiot, yet again..

I’m trying to learn some android programming for some personal projects and have been following along the Udacity android development in kotlin course. I was happily going along when android studio started blaring red everywhere and giving me the most descriptive error I’ve ever seen.

Index: 1, Size: 1

Well thanks…

When you dig down and click some buttons and stuff you will eventually get a more descriptive error:

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 1, Size: 1
    at java.util.Collections$SingletonList.get(
    at android.databinding.tool.ext.ExtKt.androidId(ext.kt:108)
    at android.databinding.tool.writer.BaseLayoutModel.readableName(BaseLayoutModel.kt:131)
    at android.databinding.tool.writer.BaseLayoutModel.fieldName(BaseLayoutModel.kt:103)...

Since I was messing with databindings it’s not that surprising that those classes are involved but what?

So you start wondering, what did I do? I followed the lesson right? WHY IS IT NOT WORKING.

mumbl mumbl stupid errors.. Let’s revert to good old google.

Eventually I come across this post on stackoverflow. So right, if you have an id that lacks a slash (android ids look like @+id/something) everything borks.

And sure enough I accidentally put a databinding thingy in the id field instead of the text field.

Well I do feel like an idiot now.


Please have better error messages.