Sway, the first 48 hours

Many years ago I tried to get into tiling WMs. More specifically I tried to do a stint with the i3 windom manager. For some reason or another I didn’t really stick with it. A couple days ago I decided to again hop on the tiling WM train and since I’m a long time wayland user the best player out there is Sway.

Sway is a tiling wm that is compatible with i3. It is activly maintained and are an active participant in the wayland community (the sway folks also build and maintain wlroots which is a library for building wayland compositors as they are called.)

I’ve now had 48 hours or so with configuring and working with sway and I can surely say that I’ve caught the tiling wm bug and will continue with it for the forseeable future. Indeed whenever sway will merge support for ICC profile management I don’t have any reason to go back to gnome.

For me the main feature that makes sway great is the configurability of it. This is the same reason that I think emacs is the greatest editor for me. Being able to make my computing environment my own is what it is about.