I grew up with a keen interest in U.S politics, fostered by my father who sports an equal interest. I’m for better or for worse probably more interested in the politics of the US than in my own home country of Sweden.

Since the horrific shooting a few weeks ago at yet another school there have been a debate as usual of gun control. This time it has been a bit different being lead by some of the amazing young people that survived the shooting. I truly hope that this time there can be some change.

This brings me to the topic of this post. Earlier today I had the unfortunate luck to see a tweet about a blog post that Eric S. Raymond had written on the topic of gun control.

One paragraph in particular stuck out like a knife in my eye.

I will now add a very sober and practical warning: If the Constitution is abrogated by a “repeal” of 2A, it will be revolution time – millions of armed Americans will regard it as their moral duty to rise up and kill those who threw it in the trash. I will be one of them.

If you are someone who values the constitution and the system it sets up and the rights it recognizes, threatening to murder the people looking to use the mechanisms set forth in that document to try and prevent events like these from happening by imposing some restrictions on the right to bear arms (something that SCOTUS has said the second amendment does not prohibit), well I don’t really think you care about the constitution or upholding the democracy created by that document at all.